Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Under 8 weeks

and I am trying not to freak out.

And probably failing at that. :P

Today I am giving away the kids' crib bedding that all four of them used at one time or another. I bought a girly set for our youngest that sort of matches the older girls' bedding for when they share a room after we move.

The Christmas tree is going too. It was a $40 special at Old Time Pottery four years ago, so it definitely paid for itself and more after being used four Christmases. Hubs said he didn't want to deal with it this year and all of its needle-shedding goodness. I figure that always made it seem sort of lifelike, minus the watering part. In exchange I (as in we) get to start listening to Christmas music anywhere in the house the first of November. Major victory there, so I will not miss the tree as much as I originally thought. :P

Also coming next week--purchasing a membership to Westside Rentals, THE site for renting a place in LA. And yes, you have to pay for it. Yes, I think this is insane. On the other hand, given the size of LA's west side, it provides a good service and as long as I stick with the basic membership and don't wander into the "We provide a driver for you for a day of checking out potential homes" membership, it will only cost $60.

How did people move before computers? I have asked that question so many times over the past few weeks, and I'm not sure I want the answer. I keep thinking we are unprepared for this or that, but with a few strokes of the keyboard I can instantly find out information on everything from homeschooling in LA to how far a prospective home is from a Trader Joe's (this is important information!).

T- 7w6d

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