Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Sometimes LA deserves the stereotypes.

Today on the way to take one of the children to a very low-key yoga class (yes, I know), I came upon a unicyclist crossing in front of me as I was waiting to turn west onto Venice Boulevard.

There was also a man peddling random things in the same intersection. Oh, and multiple bikes as well as the multiple lanes of car traffic in every direction.

Another normal LA day?

After I dropped off said child, I wanted to go to Whole Foods just to wander around. I don't know if I'm the only person who does this or not, but I like to browse at WF. There are very few things I can't find anywhere else (AND FOR CHEAPER), but I like to look... and people watch. After all, this is the WF in Venice, about which the Whole Foods Parking Lot song was created a couple years ago.

Instead of WF, however, I ended up at a local non-dairy ice cream shop that I had never noticed before. They make coconut cream ice cream, sweetened only with raw honey and then mixed with (your choice of) strawberry puree, mint, cocoa, etc. I chose strawberry and was not disappointed. Still, it was kind of a weird space. There were only a couple tables, and one already had more than five (but I think fewer than ten) yoga instructors seated around it.

I had my phone but hadn't thought to bring any other reading material, so I found myself reading one of the yoga magazines while I ate my (non-dairy) ice cream. Sometimes the yoga magazines (there is at least one that is always available at our library, so I have read it before) don't appeal to me at all because they can be very woo-woo, but this particular issue actually had some health/diet-related articles, so I enjoyed that.

As I sat there I realized that even if I don't feel like I live LA, LA lives LA all around me... and sometimes we intersect and find common ground.

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