Thursday, June 2, 2011


Since the temperature here doesn't vary wildly from week to week and we homeschool (and do school year-round), I guess it's summertime? Weird. I have been wearing fuzzy socks around the house in the mornings and at night. It gets down in the 50s when the sun is not out at night, and since it's not California summertime yet it hasn't been hot consistently yet. It's been very interesting. Summer here is really more like July/August to October, but then some 80-degree days pop up all winter long. Very strange. I know people who live here a long time probably think of this weather as wildly varying, but it's nothing like the midwest. As an example, when we first moved here and Hubs would talk to his dad about the weather, it would go something like this:

Hubs' dad: It's -2 degrees with a 20 below windchill.

Hubs: It's 75 and partly cloudy* here today.

Now when they talk about the weather, it goes something like this:

Hubs' dad: It's 90 degrees here and really humid.

Hubs: It's 75 and sunny here today.

*partly cloudy to people in California means mostly sunny to people (like us) who are more used to Midwestern and specifically Great Lakes, especially northern Ohio, weather

Anywho, we are enjoying it despite the variance. I will probably cry when winter brings no snow, but people tell me all we have to do is go up to the mountains to see some. ;)

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