Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Working on holiday cards

It's a dreary rainy November day, and about the only motivation I have is for creating our holiday card. Yes, I know this is really productive when I am supposed to be packing, but every little item checked off our "to do" list is *something*, right?

A month or so ago I created and printed an adoption announcement for Baby E using Shutterfly, and that will go inside our annual holiday card. So now I just have the difficult job of choosing a design for the card itself! I have made collage cards many years in the past, but I am leaning towards simpler options this year. I really like the look where the photograph needs no frame, but then how much design do I want on top of the picture? That's the quandary I'm facing.

Maybe this one? I love the pink accents and mod feel, not to mention it satisfies my (admittedly somewhat picky) criteria above.

Or this one, with its simple layout? I love it!

Or maybe this one, because it sparkles. :)

I really don't know.

Then there's always the collage option, which opens up a whole other realm of possibilities. EEK!

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